We inject fun and festivities to your County Fair

County Fair

It’s time for a county fair! It is important that every county or area holds its own county fair. This is because it is the best way to showcase agricultural productivity, boost tourism and focus on your county’s culture and identity. 

County Fair

It is for this reason that Union County Fair has been created. We have been helping various states and counties organize their very own agricultural fairs. Organizing one can be very taxing, especially for areas and people which have no idea on how to start or how to organize one. If you do not have the capability to do so, your county fair may be doomed to failure. Of course, we do not want this to happen, this is why we are offering our services.  

Union County Fair started as a small business operating out of a red garage door in Oklahoma City OK. We are owned by three sisters who have been helping organize the Ohio Union County Fair for years now. We have been enjoying immense success in Ohio. This is why we wanted to offer our services to other counties so that they can also be successful in promoting their own agricultural products and boost their tourism as well. 

Listed below are the services that we provide: 

Full county fair coordination

We are ready to take on the job of starting and coordinating your own county fair. We offer our services from the planning of the fair, to its execution, and post-production. We will even take care of the marketing aspect. In doing so, you will never have to lift a finger yourself. You just have to talk to us to explain your vision and let us do everything else. Of course, we will be getting back to you once in a while to discuss our proposals and get your approval. 

Limited county fair coordination

We also offer limited coordination. We can discuss the terms of the engagement. We can help you out in specific aspects such as the planning, on the day coordination or even coordination a week or several days prior to the event. We can work according to a set work plan. Just remember that you will have full control of your county fair in this type of engagement. Our main work here is to simply assist you.  

Advisory services

Some counties would like to organize their own county fairs themselves. However, we recognize that they oftentimes need help in this respect. As such, we are offering advisory services in order to help you out. You can ask us anything with regard to organizing your own county fair. Alternatively, you may also wish to get our services for specific types of activities or work. As such, we encourage you to engage us on an advisory capacity. After all, you will definitely need all the help you can get. It pays to get the help of the expert to help you navigate the many little issues that come with organizing a county fair.