About us

about us

Union County Fair is an events company that focuses on organizing agricultural fairs, county shows and related events. Our strength is in showcasing the agricultural productivity of the county, including their identity and culture. At the same time, we work in using these events as vehicles for promoting tourism and showcasing all the positive aspects of a county. We have done this kind of work for Ohio for several years, leading to successful events annually which resulted to a lot of promotional exposure and income generation.  

Union County Fair has a very special niche because we only work on the production and coordination of county fairs. We are the only events company to do this and we are proud to say that our services are much sought after. We offer three types of services, from full coordination to limited service to advisory services. We do this in order to cater to the needs and requirements of our clients. 

Our organization was founded by three sisters who have been working in this niche for the last 20 years. While our business is very recent, Samantha, Dolly and Jean have all made their names in county fair arrangements and coordination for some time. They are the most sought after in the business and are usually the go-to people when it comes to coordinating and arranging county fairs all over the U.S. Some of their events have even garnered awards and have resulted to the popping up of county fairs and state fairs. 

As such, if your county wants to organize its own fair, never hesitate to contact the only one in the industry. Just click the Contact Us section and see for yourself the work that we do. We look forward to engaging and working with you soon. Thank you so much!