This page is geared for your feedback on the work that we do. If you have been one of our clients, feel free to leave a feedback here on the work that we have done for you. Know that Union County Fair will be grateful for any of your feedback and suggestions for us to improve. We only request that you please keep your feedback free from sexist or rude language. Thank you so much!

Martin, 35

We have worked with Union County Fair for several years already in setting up the Ohio County Fair. Every year, they are our go-to partners when we organize this event. They have never let us down. In fact, they are very good in continually introducing new facets to the fair. Last year, they invited a couple of Hollywood artists to sing at our main event. This year, they are trying to ad new entertainment. They always go out of their way to introduce something new to this annual event. I always look forward to working with them.

Richard, 47

It was only last year when I worked with Union County Fair for just a side event of our activity in Tampa. I was so struck by their professionalism and creativity. We experienced a lot of challenges but being the professionals that they are, they were able to think of very creative solutions which led to us holding a really good event in Tampa. I will not hesitate in getting their services once again.

Rhian, 25

I am very new to events. This is why when I was assigned to take charge of a part of our country fair activity in Phoenix, I panicked. Fortunately, we got Union County Fair as a partner. With them, working was so easy. They helped us mount a very successful event.